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Chiki's Chase is a cute action game about a chicken, Chiki, armed with a powerful squawk that can defeat enemies in their path. Rampage through an endless desert that becomes tougher the farther you go. But don't worry, Chiki gets tougher too - randomized upgrades are unlocked with progress in every play through, keeping things challenging and exciting. Every play through is a new experience!

Over 15 Upgrades - Plenty of upgrade combinations make running and gunning exciting and catered to your play style.

Enemies & Obstacles Everywhere - New and harder hurdles keep coming as you make your way deeper into the desert. Later levels need a ton of concentration and patience!

Try Again and Again - The game isn't over, as long as you picked up enough coins to buy a retry! Start again at the last checkpoint to gives things another shot.

Free Forever - No cost, ads, or in-app purchases. We just like making games and want you to enjoy ours!

Help Us Out - We're still developing this game, so you get to be one of our earliest users. We care about your experience - any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Why did you remove it from playstore? Or its just not compatible with my device only? Are you tryin to improve the game more? Thanks! Kudos to you and I'm looking forward to your next application s. 

Hi! For technical reasons, I can’t update this game anymore. However, I’m working hard on a sequel! You can signup to beta test it here if you like: https://chiki-test.carrd.co/