A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for Ludum Dare 35 with Hamdan Javeed and Seikun Kambashi: entry page here

It's a bird! It's a baseball! Actually, it's both. Pick up yellow feathers to shapeshift and soar through the skies in this short, relaxing journey to the stratosphere and beyond.

Use the Up/Down arrow keys to steer as a baseball, or the Up arrow key to flap as a bird.

Install instructions

Windows: download basebird-32.zip or basebird-64.zip. Extract the folder contents and run the executable.

Linux: download basebird.love. Execute it with Love2D (0.10.1) installed: see here for more information.


basebird-64.zip 6 MB
basebird-32.zip 5 MB
basebird.love 3 MB
basebird-osx.zip 7 MB

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