Keylimba is out for iOS and Android! The web version is no longer being updated. If you have a phone, please see the links below for the mobile experience. It includes a key range option to show up to 17 keys, colour customization, and of course, works better with touch!


  • QWERTYUIOP - play notes
  • Space (hold) - play 1 octave higher
  • Left Shift - cycle through looper record / play / stop
  • Right Shift - toggle menu


The kalimba is a 1950s commercialization of the mbira, an African music instrument traditional to the Shona people of Zimbabwe. It has a history spanning over a thousand years! Mbira can have more keys, different tunings, and percussive ornaments, but Keylimba mimics the appearance of a 10-key Hugh Tracey kalimba.

Keylimba uses sound recordings from my actual kalimba, which was given to me by my partner Amanda, who Keylimba is dedicated to! ♥

Things Used

  • Procreate, Figma - graphics
  • Audacity - audio editing
  • Chiptone - some sounds
  • Quicksand - font
  • Unity - game engine
Updated 6 days ago
Made withUnity, Audacity
TagsCute, kalimba, Music, Soundtoy
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen

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yooooo it got updated


for some reason i started playing  Haggstorm from minecraft??? lmao this is really fun to mess around with!


This is so nice! I feel happier playing with this!


I love this! It's cute, intuitive, and the sound is beautiful. Thank you for making this.


really cool!